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In the 80’s Jula Bell started doing voice overs and sound track work.  She worked with Mark Mothersbaugh (Tank Girl opening sequence duet with Devo for Girl U Want and El Gato Felix/Felix the Cat en Espanol), Rolfe Kent (Kate and Leopold, Failure to Launch, and Town and Country), and Out of the Dark (featuring Divine, Tracey Walters, and Karen Black).  Jula Bell’s vocals are also featured in Bobsled’s rendition of  The Monster Mash for the film Campfire Tales, and she prides herself on doing two songs for Bill Nye the Science Guy. She is also featured on multiple commercials including one for Levi’s (radio commercial),Twinkies (As young Jula in 1970), and Unruly (Prince Matchabelli fragrance).  She has also done guest vox on albums for Thelonius Monster, The Dwarves, The TVTV$, Pat Ruthensmear (Pat Smear) , Maximum Honkie, and Celebrity Skin

Bobsled - Monster Mash (From Campfire Tales OST)