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8/14/86 @BeBop Records in Reseda, CA  w/Firehose

10/4/86@BeBop Records in Reseda, CA w/Jane’s Addiction

11/14/86 @Fender’s Ballroom in Long Beach, CA w/The Descendents and Pillsbury Hardcore (We didn’t end up playing)

11/22/1986@Pure Juice Factory in Vernon, CA w/L7,Celebrity Skin,The Mentors,Rhino 39,Razebrae, and The Foam Decoys

12/12/86@ X=Art Gallery in L.A., CA w/The Rhythm Pigs

1/27/87@The Music Machine in WLA, CA  w/L7, The Super Heroines, and Boneyard Brat

1/29/87@ King’s Hall USC in Downtown L.A., CA  w/Janes Addiction and Bad Kitchen

3/28/87 @The Chatterbox in San Francisco, CA 

3/30/87 @The Mabuhay Gardens in San Francisco, CA w/Frightwig, Celebrity Skin and Die Kreuzen

4/?/87 @The Mabuhay Gardens in San Francisco, CA  w/Short Dog’s Grow and Sister Double Happiness

5/5/87@Gilman Street in Berkeley, CA w/L7, Starvation Army, Voodoo Glow Skulls, and Public Humiliation

5/16/87@Gilman Street in Berkeley, CA w/Frightwig, The Dwarves,The Didjits, Nation On Fire & Que Sera Sera

5/26/87@Rajis in Hollywood, CA  w/Mad Monster Party and Sylvia juncosa

5/30/87@Hoover Park (Hoover Recreation Center) in LA, CA  w/MDC, Final Conflict, Half Off, Pillsbury Hardcore and The Detonators

8/15/87 @Gilman Street in Berkeley, CA w/The Adolescents, Celebrity Skin, The Lookouts, Isocracy, & Capitalist Casualties

9/30/87@Rajis in Hollywood, CA

10/15/87@The Limbo Lounge L.A., CA 

10/28/87@Club Lingerie in Hollywood, CA w/DOA and No Means No

7/24/88@Lectisternium in Culver City, CA

8/6/88@Rajis in Hollywood, CA w/The Dwarves & Phantom Opera

8/10/88@The Anti Club in Hollywood, CA w/Operation Ivy

Bulimia Banquet 1988 Fall US  tour

8/31/88@Speedway Cafe in Salt Lake City, Utah w/Insight &Victim’s Willings

9/2/88@The Grove in Denver, Colorado w/ExPatriots (and Aggression?)

9/4/88@Tracs in Rapid City, South Dakota w/Dissent, & Social Joke

9/8/88 @ County Park (Ashley’s basement?)in Osh Kosh, Wisconsin

9/9/88@The Orpheum in Kenosha WI? (I remember that we may have played a smaller venue as well)

9/11/88 @The Cubby Bear in Chicago, Illinois w/ L7, Bad Religion and Die Kreuzen

9/13/88 @Club Oak S. St. Clair in Toledo, Ohio (John Stain Promoter) w/G.I. and the Stains

9/14/88@The Ice Pick in Muskegon, Michigan

9/15/88 @Blondies, in Detroit, Michigan

9/17/88@Oliver Jays in Allentown PA w/The Blisters

9/17/88 @Fitzgerald’s in PA?

9/18/88 @CBGBS in New York, New York  w/L7 and Bad Religion

9/19/88 @JC Dobbs in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania w/The Lunachicks, L7 and The Serial Killers

9/20/88 @The Brewery in Raleigh, North Carolina w/Social Distortion 

9/21/88 @The Metroplex in Atlanta, Georgia w/7 Simons

9/22/88 @Planet 10 in Tallahassee, Florida

9/24/88 @The Axiom in Houston, Texas w/Flower from N.Y. and  ST37 from Austin

9/25/88@College Station in Bryan, Texas

9/27/88 @Taco Place w/Ed Ivey El Paso TX?

9/28/88 @ Joey’s Garage in Albuquerque, New Mexico

9/29/88 @ A theatre in Albuquerque, New Mexico w/Joey Abbin’s band

9/30/88 @VFW Hall in Phoenix, Arizona w/DI, GI, and Don’t Know

11/6/88@The Cover Girl in Culver City, CA  w/Gwar, & The Groovy Ghoulies

2/8/89@The Anti Club in Hollywood, CA w/Malicious Grind, Coffin Break, & Skinyard (Jennifer Finch played guitar with Bulimia Banquet at this show)

2/10/89@The Gaslight in Hollywood, CA (Jennifer Finch played guitar with Bulimia Banquet at this show)

4/8/89@Night Moves in Orange County, CA w/The Adolescents (Mia’s first show with Bulimia Banquet)

4/15/89@The Country Club in Reseda, CA w/RKL, Final Conflict, The Grim, and No Comment

5/27/89 @Gilman Street in Berkeley, CA w/Poison Idea, The Lookouts, Neurosis, and DC3

5/28/89 @ The Covered Wagon In San Francisco CA (w/Nofx?)

6/17/89 @The Gaslight in Hollywood, CA w/DC3

6/19/89 @ KXLU radio on Gardner’s show L.A., CA

7/25/89 @The Captain Anarchy cable show in L.A., CA 

7/26/89 @The Shamrock in Hollywood, CA  w/Sylvia Juncosa and Warsaw Cocktail

7/29/89@American Legion Post in Stanton, CA w/Visual Discrimination, Subvert, Infest, Haywire, & Christ On A Crutch

8/6/89 @ Coconut Teaszer in Hollywood, CA 

8/10/89 in Oxnard, CA 

8/12/89 w/Neurosis and Capital Punishment in L.A.

8/30/89 @ Three Palms in Hacienda Heights, CA  w/Moral Decay, The Vandals, Subliminal Communication, Apocalypse, 918V

10/13/89@Bonegarden/Meadowlarks in Orange County, CA w/DI, Hard Stance, Nip Drivers, & The Pandoras

10/28/89 @ Jack Marquette Benefit in L.A., CA w/Chemical People, Blast and Hole

11/11/89@The Labor Hall in Bakersfield, CA w/ POD, X-O Toxins, Johnee’s Cafe, LDOR, HossBrüten and Betty Grove Project

11/17/89 @Meadowlarks in Orange County, CA w/Bad Religion

11/18/89@Al’s Bar in Downtown L.A., CA  w/Lisa Suckdog and  Chemical People

12/12/89@Flipside Party at 116 W. Ninth Street in L.A., CA w/The Flower Leperds, and Here Eat This

12/22/89@The Country Club in Reseda, CA w/ GBH, Poison Idea, DI, & Headfirst

1/17/90 @ The Casbah in San Diego, California w/The Dum Dum Boys

1/19/90 @ West End (@Dallas Nights) in Lubbock, Texas w/The Deadbeats

1/21/90 @Power Tools(originally at the Axiom but closed by the fire marshall) in Houston, Texas w/DI

1/22/90 @The Cannibal Club in Austin, Texas w/DI & EMG

1/24/90 @The Mesa Inn in El Paso, Texas

1/26/90@ The Rendevouz in San Francisco, California w/Public Humiliation, Trunk, Caroliner Rainbow, & Green Jello

1/27/90@The River Theatre in Guerneville, California w/D.I.and The Slambodians

1/28/90@Gilman Street in Berkeley, CA w/DI

2/4/90 @Coconut Teaszer in Hollywood, CA w/DI, Flower Leperds, Jughead’s Revenge,Last Round Up, and Dry Entry

2/24/90@Iguanas in Tijuana, Mexico w/Excel and Tender Fury

3/4/90@Hollywood Live in Hollywood, CA w/Hard Stance and  Pushed Aside

3/13/90@The Second Coming in L.A., CA (Record release party?)

4/27/90@The Gaslight in Hollywood, CA 

4/28/90@VFW Hall #720 in  Phoenix, Arizona w/MDC & Godwads 

4/28/90 @Hollywood Alley in Phoenix, Arizona

6/9/90 @ Gilman Street in Berkeley, CA 

6/10/90@The Covered Wagon in San Francisco, CA 

6/22/90 @ Rajis in Hollywood, CA  w/Bad Mother Goose and Everything

6/28/90 @ El Tapatio in Oxnard, CA w/The Offspring

7/6/90 @ Al’s Bar in Downtown L.A., CA w/Everything

7/8/90 @Coconut Teaszer in Hollywood, CA w/Resistant Militia

7/28/90@U-Genes in Pico Rivera, California w/TVTV$ & Satan’s Sadists

8/2/90@Rajis in Hollywood, CA w/Haunted Garage

8/25/90@Metal House in CA w/L7

9/4/90 @Fenders Ballroom in Long Beach, CA w/Final Conflict, Half Off, Insted and No For An Answer

10/19/90 VFW in Phoenix, Arizona

10/20/90 Dodjavik Internation in Tucson, Arizona

11/3/90@The Gaslight in Hollywood, California w/DC3 & Black Angel’s Death Song

11/17/90@U-Genes in Pico Rivera, California w/Das Klown, The Fixtures and Our Band Sucks

11/22/90 Coconut Teaszer in Hollywood, California w/Haunted Garage, Dumpster, Ultra Violet Eye, Meatwagon, Lovedog, & Carnival Art

12/8/90 Rajis in Hollywood, CA 

12/15/90 in Bakersfield, California w/D.I., F.S.U. 

12/30/90 U-Genes in Pico Rivera, CA w/NoFx

2/1/91@U-Genes in La Puente, CA w/Shit Howdy and Expression

2/16/91@Al’s Bar in Los Angeles, CA w/Down By Law, The Nymphs,and Bullet Lavolta

2/9/91@Pomona College in Claremont, CA w/The Spanking Monkeys

2/22/91@Mannequin’s in Bakersfield, CA 

3/23/91@The Gaslight in Hollywood, CA


3/29/91@ Ex Club in Berlin, Germany w/Gorilla Biscuits

3/30/91@AJZ Club in Biefeld, Germany w/Assassins of God

3/31/91 @The Rose Club in Köln, Germany w/Assassins of God

4/1/91 @Zwishenfall in Bochum, Germany

4/2/91@Rotesand Club in Bremerhaven, Germany W/The Rostock Vampires

4/3/91@Markthalle in Hamburg, Germany w/The Hard-ons and Clash Today

4/4/91@Club Vera in Gronigen, Holland w/Urge Overkill

4/5/91 @Leverkusen, Gen Juz w/Dox for Sale

4/7/91 @The Bunker/Youth Center in Eindhoven, Holland w/Loud

4/9/91@Gibus in Paris, France w/G.I. Love

4/10/91@The Bikini Club in Toulouse, France w/Gorilla Biscuits, Urge Overkill, and Hate Force

4/13/91@Atico 7 in Viana, Basque

4/16/91@Voz Do Operário in Lisbon, Portugal w/ Dr. Estigma and Atrofiados

4/20/91@Hirschneck Restaurant in Basel, Switzerland

4/21/91@Reithalle in Bern, Switzerland

4/23/91@Rote Fabrik in Zürich, Switzerland

4/24/91@The Cave in Geneva, Switzerland

4/27/91@Leon Cavallo in Milano, Italy

4/28/91@El Paso in Torino, Italy

4/29/91@SCIA Sobbalzo Squat in Imperia, Italy w/Contrasto

5/2/91@La Cintilla in Moderna, Italy w/Infezione

5/3/91@L’Isola Nel Cantiere in Bologna, Italy 

5/4/91@Forte Prenestino in Roma, Italy w/The Angelic Upstarts and The Blaggers

5/5/91@ Diskarica in Foggia, Italy 

5/11/91@C.S.A.-Brancaleone in Roma, Italy

5/11/91@CPA in Florence, Italy w/Madhouse

5/12/91@Leoncavallo in Milan, Italy 

5/12/91 @Pergola Squat in italy

5/15/91@Flex in Austria, Vienna w/Fleischpost

5/17/91@ Flex in Austria, Vienna

5/18/91@Hall in Stuttgart, Germany w/No Use for a Name (promoters were Roland and Maria)

5/19/91@ Youth Center in Leonberg, Germany

5/22/91@Rec Center in Dusseldorf, Germany w/Monkeys with Tools

6/15/91 @Rajis in Hollywood, CA w/DC3, Spoon, Texorcist, Weatherbell, and Suplexsam

6/28/91 @Al’s Bar in downtown LA , CA w/The Muffs

7/1/91 @ The Henrietta Beaverton show/KUCI college radio in Riverside,CA

7/13/91 @Al’s Bar in Downtown L.A., CA w/Dumpster

8/31/91 @Toe Jams in Long Beach, CA w/D.I. and Motherfist

9/14/91 @Dave Travis Desert Show in Indio, CA w/Across the River and Celebrity Skin?

9/15/91 @Cafe Mambo?

9/21/91 @Al’s Bar in Los Angeles,CA w/Buglamp and Pipe

10/18/91@The Gaslight in Los Angeles, CA w/Paper Tulips & Pop Defect

11/2/91 @The Shamrock in Hollywood, CA w/Nip Drivers, Motherfist, & Egg

11/8/91@UCLA in Westwood, CA

11/9/91@Mogz in Ventura, CA w/ExoToxins, and Das Klown

11/16/91@Rajis in Hollywood, CA w/Wool, The Electric Ferrets, & Dicktit

11/25/91@The Anti Club in Hollywood, CA w/Mr. T, Skinhorse, and Paperbag

11/29/91@New Klub on the Block in Costa Mesa, California w/Motherfist

12/7/91@The Fallout in San Diego, California w/The Libido Boyz and Red Tape

12/13/91@The Doll Hut in Anaheim, California w/Wool, The Red Aunts, and Hoosegow

12/16/91@The Roxy in Hollywood, California

12/19/91 @Gazarri’s in Hollywood, California w/Ethyl Meatplow, Pressurehead, and Grotus

12/31/91@Rajis in Hollywood, California w/Sluts for Hire The Muffs, and The Wild Stares

1/10/92@ Al’s Bar in Downtown L.A. CA w/The Muffs, Fish Head & Black Angel’s Death Song

1/18/92@The Jabberjaw in L.A., CA w/Horace Pinker & Shovelfist

1/23/92@Bogart’s in Long Beach CA w/Babes in Toyland

1/24/92@The Shamrock in Hollywood, CA w/Trashcan School, Olive Lawn and Seizure Salad

2/14/92 @Che Cafe in San Diego, CA w/Final Conflict

2/15/92 @Downtown Performance Center in Tucson, Arizona w/Final Conflict

2/16/92 @ The Silver Dollar in Phoenix, Arizona w/Final Conflict & Retrogression

2/17/92 @Al’s Bar in Downtown L.A., CA w/The Muffs, Black Angel’s Death Song, Red Aunts, and Dicktit 

2/18/92@Mannequin’s in Bakersfield ,CA 

4/1/92@CSUN in Northridge, CA 

4/15/92 @The Whiskey A Go Go in Hollywood, CA w/The Melvins,Trash Can School, The Lazy Cowgirls, Clawhammer and Buglamp

4/18/92 @The Fallout in San Diego, California

5/16/92 @Al’s Bar in Los Angeles, CA w/Muzza Chunka and Hit 36

5/24/92@ Coconut Teaszer in Hollywood, CA w/The Dickies

6/4/92@Rajis in Hollywood, CA w/Clawhammer and Prison Snake

6/11/92@Al’s Bar in Downtown L.A. CA w/Buglamp, Oiler,& Buzz

6/19/92 @Las Cavernas in La Puente, California w/Final Conflict, Shleprock and Dogma Mondista

6/26/92 @Club Dump

7/17/92 @Rajis in Hollywood, CA w/Sandy Duncan’s Eye, and Haunted Garage

8/7/92@The Jabberjaw in L.A., CA w/Glue

8/14/92 @The Palomino in North Hollywood, California w/The Dickies

9/5/92 @Bam Bams (Club Mars) in Bakersfield, CA w/Final Conflict

9/6/92 @Gilman Street in Berkeley, CA w/Final Conflict

9/7/92@Gabe’s Party in Mckinleyville (Humbolt County), CA w/Final Conflict

9/7/92@Remix in Ashland (Medford), Oregon w/Final Conflict

9/8/92 @Satyricon in Portland, Oregon w/Final Conflict and Plastic Horn Devil

9/9/92 @Jiffy Squid in Portland, Oregon w/Final Conflict

9/11/92@The Hillside Hellhouse in Victoria, Canada w/Final Conflict 

9/12/92@The Cruel Elephant in Vancouver, Canada w/Final Conflict

9/19/92 @Al’s Bar in L.A., CA w/Wool, Hydrafist and Sirvo 

9/26/92@KPFK w/Marc Torres in L.A.,CA

10/28/2005@The Anarchy Library in Downey, CA w/Nip Drivers, The Jack Brewer Band, and the Radioactive Chickenheads

7/8/11@The Redwood in Downtown L.A., CA w/Million Kids, Clorox Girls, Johnny O’Donnell & Sacramento

7/9/11@Mr. T’s Bowl in Highland Park, CA w/Sylvia Juncosa

11/4/94@Las Palmas Theatre/Cell 63 in L.A., CA w/Naked Agression,UXA and Tito-O-Tito

11/19/94-11/20/94 @Bronson Canyon in Hollywood, CA The Happy Clown Video Shoot

11/20/94@Hell’s Gate in Hollywood, CA w/Your Mom

12/2/94@50 Bucks Gallery in Downtown L.A., CA w/Red Five and The TVTV$

12/9/94@Coconut Teaszer in Hollywood, CA w/JFA, Tres Flores, Butt Trumpet,The Ryders, and Kiss the Monkey

12/31/94@The Double Downs in Las Vegas, Nevada w/The Neptunas and Jen’s Cancer

1/8/95@The Roxy in Hollywood, CA w/NoFx and The Vandals

1/11/95@The Viper Room in Hollywood, CA w/Frightwig and The Leaving Trains

1/28/95@Eagle’s Pub in North Hollywood, CA w/Ain’t

2/10/95@LA Palmas Theatre in Hollywood, CA w/Lutefisk, Don Knott’s Overdrive, Grand Prix, Six Volt Sunbeam, and The 99th Fuck You

2/21/95@Hell’s Gate in Hollywood, CA 

2/23/95@Club Utero in Silver Lake, CA 

4/8/95@Alligator Lounge in Santa Monica, CA w/Lutefisk Live recording

4/15/95@Coconut Teaszer in Hollywood CA w/Stinkerbell and Brave New Radio

4/22/95@ KXLU live in L.A., CA 

4/26/95@The Dragonfly in Hollywood, CA w/Red 5

5/19/95 @Eagle’s Pub in North Hollywood, CA w/Extra Fancy & Girl Jesus

5/26/95 @The Casbah in San Diego, CA 

6/3/95@Hell’s Gate in Hollywood, CA w/Vida

6/4/95@The Gaslight in Hollywood, CA w/Vida and Overpass

6/16/95 @The Underground in Bakersfield, CA w/ B.P.D.

6/21/95@House of Blues in Hollywood, CA w/Humble Gods, and Lidsville

7/3/95@Hell’s Gate in Hollywood, CA 

7/29/95@The Hypno Party at the Comic Con in San Diego, CA Benefit for the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund w/Gwen Mars and Aunt Betty’s Ford

8/19/95@Eagle’s Pub in North Hollywood, CA w/Sluts For Hire, The Neptunas, and Edwina Cruz

8/20/95@Memorial Park Bandshell in Pasadena, CA

9/3/95 @Club Utero in Silver Lake, CA w/Patsy, Downgirl, Girl Jesus, and X-tra Fancy

9/8/95@The Impala Cafe in L.A., CA w/Patsy, Chinchilla, and Bubby Girl

9/9/95@Spaceland in Silver Lake, CA party for Hot Damn w/ Cheeseburger

9/22/95@Soul Kitchen San Diego, CA w/Bubby Girl, and Chinchilla

10/7/95@The Alano Club in Long Beach, CA w/Final Conflict, Litmus Green, Prison and Armistice

10/8/95@The Jabberjaw in L.A., CA w/FYP

10/11/95 @Spaceland in Silver Lake, CA w/Bimbo Toolshed and Bo Bud Greene

10/14/95@Spaceland in Silver Lake, CA w/Gwar, Red Aunts, Cheater Slicks, and Tanner

10/21/95@Spaceland in Silver Lake, CA w/Lifter and Touch Candy

10/26/95@Al’s Bar in Downtown L.A., CA w/The Neptunas, Mud Flap Girls, and TNT

11/4/95@Livewire in San Diego, CA for IMS W/Flat Duo Jets, Flastor, Brazil 2001, & Mojo Nixon

12/4/95@KXLU live on demolisten radio show Loyola Marymont University in L.A., CA

12/5/95@Alligator Lounge KXLU show in Santa Monica, CA w/Carla and Martha and Lucid Nation

12/16/95@ Party for Fred in Los Angeles, CA w/Four Star Mary, and Sucker

12/17/95@Club Sucker in Hollywood, CA w/Glue and Wingnut

12/19/95 @The Roxbury (Pink Taco) in L.A., CA xmas party for Lightning Dubs w/ The Neptunas

12/23/95 @Spaceland in Silver Lake, CA w/ Lutefisk and Old Hickory

12/29/95@The Casbah in San Diego, CA w/Inch, Chinchilla and Radio Wendy

12/30/95@Moguls in Hollywood, CA for DH Pellegro Benefit w/UXA, The Punkers, Stalag 13, mother Tounge, UXA, Fishbone, Flea,and Two Free Stooges

1/17/96@The Martini Lounge in Hollywood, CA w/Sluts for Hire and Butt Trumpet

1/20/96@Bodies in San Diego, CA w/Loophole, No Knife, and Boilermaker

1/27/96@Wrigley Vibe (Alano Club) in Long Beach, CA w/Final Conflict , FYP, Litmus Green, Naked Aggression and Armistace

2/3/96@The Underground in Bakersfield, CA w/Active Ingredients 

2/8/96 @Al’s Bar in L.A., CA w/Sylvia Juncosa (Octavia) and The Neptunas

2/11/96@You’ve Got Bad Taste Darlahood record release party in Silver Lake, California 

2/13/96@No Life Records/Darlahood record release party in Hollywood, CA 

3/5/96 @Spaceland in Silver Lake, CA w/No Knife, 30 Ought Six, and Capsize 7

3/9/96 @The Jabberjaw in L.A., CA w/ Six Volt Sunbeam,Eleventeen,Capsize 7, and Sleepy

3/16/96@Blankenship in Redlands, CA w/Sluts For Hire, Alexander, Muleskinners, Chrome Moly Violets,The Gynelotrimen, Veloria, and Side Cars

318/96@ Spaceland?

3/26/96@The Dragonfly in Hollywood, CA w/Clowns For Progress, Shoegazer, and The Humpers

3/30/96 @Spaceland in Silver Lake, CA for the Hugo Au Go-go library Benefit w/Stanford Prison Experiment, Ron Athey, Backbiter, Vida, Canetree, Waco, Atomic Head Detonator, and Leather Hyman

4/2/96@The Dragonfly in Hollywood, CA w/The Muffs, Sluts for Hire, and Butt Trumpet

4/6/96@Cafe Underground in Redlands, CA w/Final Conflict, FYP, The Humpers, and Youth Brigade

4/13/96 Live @KPFK in Studio City, CA with Andrea Enthal

4/25/96@Al’s Bar in Downtown L.A., CA w/The Neptunas, MNOP, Decal, and Sluts for HIre

4/30/96@ The Dragonfly in Hollywood, CA w/Decal and Red 5

4/31/96 @The Jabberjaw in L.A., CA w/The Dwarves

5/1/96 @The Showcase Theatre in Corona, CA w/FYP and Final Conflict

5/13/96@The Whiskey (Bianca’s Hole) in Hollywood, CA w/Butt Trumpet, FYP, Rosemary’s Billygoat, and Holly Vincent

5/16/96@The Trocadero in San Francisco ,CA w/Extra Fancy, Stone Fox, Ain’t, and The Weaklings

5/17/96 @Bottom of the HIll in San Francisco, CA 

5/17/96@Berkeley Square in Berkeley, CA 

5/18/96 San Francisco Loft party or Club Catalyst Santa Cruz, CA 

5/19/96 @The Empire Coffee House N. in Bakersfield, CA W/Mud Skipper & Active Ingredients

5/23/96@The 35’er in Pasadena CA w/Spiffy, Canetree, & the Hungry 5 

5/31/96 @The Jabberjaw in L.A.,, CA w/Black Fork, The Madonnabees, US Bombs, & The Dwarves

6/2/96@The Showcase Theatre in Riverside, CA w/The Dwarves, Final Conflict, FYP, Dos, and Black Fork

6/7/96@Sacred Grounds in San Pedro, CA w/FYP, But…Alive, Ballgagger, and Rosemary’s Billygoat

6/9/96@Koo’s Art Cafe in Santa Ana, CA w/FYP, But… Alive, and The Fumes

6/10-6/21 /96 Northwest FYP/But… Alive tour

6/10/96@Empire North II in Bakersfield, CA w/FYP, Butt..Alive and Mudskipper

6/11/96@The Living Room in Goleta, CA w/FYP and But… Alive

6/12/96@A Warehouse in Pismo Beach/San Luis Obispo, CA w/FYP and But…Alive

6/13/96@The VFW Hall in King City, CA w/FYP & But…Alive

6/14/96@Impact lighting warehouse in San Francisco, CA w/FYP, But…Alive, and Hickey

6/15/96@ Santa Cruz, CA w/FYP, But…Alive, and The Dwarves

6/16/96@Davis Teen Center in Davis, CA w/FYP & But…Alive

6/16/96@Gilman St. in Berkeley, CA w/But…Alive, F.Y.P., and Screw 32

6/17/96@Icky’s Teahouse in Eugene, Oregon w/FYP, But…Alive & Nowhere Fast

6/18/96@3rd and B in Salem,Oregon @ the Slavic Ministries Church w/FYP & But…Alive

6/18/96 @Stage 4 Paris Theatre in Portland, Oregon w/FYP, But…Alive, & Berserk

6/19/96@ The Alano Club in Olympia, Washington w/FYP & But…Alive

6/20/96@The Hellbound House in Seattle, Washington w/FYP & But…Alive

6/21/96@The Westminster Church in Spokane, Washington w/FYP & But…Alive 

7/13/96 @You’ve Got Bad Taste in Silver lake, CA w/Tribe 8 and Shoegazer

7/25/96@Al’s Bar in Downtown L.A., CA w/Shoegazer, The Real MacKenzies, The Deviates,& Butt Trumpet

7/27/96 @The Garage Hollywood, CA w/Klang

8/4/96@the Jabberjaw in L.A., CA w/Berserk, The Crumbs, Second Hand, & BadHair Day

8/4/96@The Ponderosa Hootenanny Festival at Lance’s in Pismo Beach/San Luis Obispo, CA w/FYP, Decal, Beserk, & Secondhand

8/10/96@The Showcase Theatre in Corona, CA w/Black Fork, Second Hand, Swindle, the Criminals, Ballgagger, The Unabombers, The Red Aunts, Blackfork,Secondhand, All You Can Eat, & Bad Hair day

8/13/96@The Whiskey in Hollywood, CA w/Beserk, Second Hand, Les Turds, FYP, Final Conflict, No Fraud, & The Crumbs

8/17/96@Olive Park Community Center in Orange, CA w/FYP & The Chickenheads

8/22/96@Al’s Bar Downtown in L.A., CA w/Red Five, Longstocking, Spiffy, and The Neptunas?

8/24/96@The Impala Cafe in Downtown L.A., CA w/The Nicoteens and Eleventeen

8/25/96@The Sunset Junction Street Fair /Bates Stage in Silver Lake, CA

9/8/96@The Lava Room in Costa Mesa, CA w/Auntie Christ, & The Lunachicks

9/12/96@The 35-er in Pasadena, CA w/Shoegazer, Butt Trumpet, and Tongue

9/25/96@The Troubadour in Hollywood, CA w/DFL, FYP, & Swindle

9/29/96@The Nile Theatre in Mesa, Arizona w/The Butcher &FYP

9/30/96@Camels Pony Bar in Albequerque, New Mexico w/The Eyeliners, FYP, and Disturbing the Alien

10/1/96 @N.M.Tech in Socorro, New Mexico w/FYP

10/2/96@Vertigo in College Station,Texas w/FYP

10/4/96@Fitzgerald’s in Houston, Texas w/FYP

10/5/96@The Orbit Room in Dallas, Texas w/FYP, Super Secret Weapon, & Psalm 69

10/6/96@Faebourg Center in New Orleans, Louisiana w/FYP & Secondhand

10/7/96@Backdrafts in Corpus Christie, Texas w/FYP

10/8/96@Emo’s in Austin, Texas w/FYP

10/9/96@The Rugburn in El Paso, Texas w/FYP

11/21/96@The Foothill in Long Beach, CA w/No Solution & Mercury 9

12/7/96@(Spaceland?)Bix’s Birthday party w/Pop Defect, Flourescein, & 3 Hole Punch

12/14/96 @Bill Van Boening’s Birthday party in North Hollywood, CA w/Mud Skipper

12/20/96@Moguls in Hollywood,CA w/Stone Fox,Leaving Trains & Extra Fancy

1/11/97@Takilyaz in Oceanside, CA w/Barefoot Hockey Goalie, Wick & Crud

1/15/97@Spaceland in Silver Lake, CA Fizz Benefit w/Possum Dixon, Red 5, Sluts for hire, The Bunny Rabbits,Pop Defect, & The Gun Club Tribute band featuring Wade Dotson, Rob Zabrecky, and Keith Morris

1/25/97@Al’s Bar in Downtown L.A., CA w/Patsy, Spookiepie, and Madonnarama

2/2/97@The Garage in Hollywood, CA w/Patsy

2/8/97@The Huntridge Theatre in Las Vegas, Nevada w/The Red Aunts, The Chubbies, and Hey Man and the Cools

2/20/97@Al’s Bar in Downtown L.A., CA w/Decal, Madonnarama,The Imperial Butt Wizards, & the Rayovacs

3/1/97@Mr. T’s in Highland Park, CA Benefit for Cut Foot w/Dallas Don, Masher, Carolyn Edwards, Texas Terri and The Stiff Ones, The Darlings, The Shakes, Ultraviolet Eye, The Centimeters,The Punk Rock Vatos, Circus Ridiculous, Expectorant, and Three hole Punch

3/7/97@Al’s Bar in Downtown LA CA w/Sluts for Hire, Bimbo Toolshed, & The Black Widows

3/9/97@No Life Records in Hollywood, CA w/Sukia, Eva of Ms. 45, Carla y Martha, & Lighter Jet

3/22/97@The Clipper in Long Beach, CA w/Adz, Snap her, Gasoline, Chickenhawks, Ultraviolet Eye, Chemical People, Sluts for Hire, Spent Idols, Satan’s Cheerleaders, Tribe 8, Damnation, & Twister Naked

3/23/97@The Garage in L.A., CA w/Tribe 8

3/29/97@The Rattlesnake in Lake Havasu, AZ W/The Other & Bottom 12

4/13/97@Al’s Bar Benefit in Downtown L.A., CA 

4/24/97@Smalls in Hollywood, CA w/Drop, Fifi, and Mary (acoustic)

4/26/97@Bub’s Whiskey Dive in Oceanside,CA w/Barnyard Ballers, & Naked Lunch

5/1/97@14 Below in Santa Monica, CA w/Chief Drink Alot & Bottom 12  

5/14/97 w/Extra Fancy and Ain’t

5/17/97@Sacred Grounds in San Pedro, CA w/Klang and Vida

5/24/97@Mr. T’s in Highland Park, CA w/Bob, Carnage Asada, Los Pepes, Hotpants, and Burning Sofa #10

5/31/97@The Casbah in San Diego, CA w/Red 5 & 7 Year Bitch

6/7/97@ Bub’s Whiskey Dive in Oceanside, CA (Bobsled light) w/Implants, Cunninghams,Naked Lunch, Helvis & the Helvettes

6/13/97@Glaxa/Utero in Silver Lake, CA w/Other Star People, Downgirl, and Team Dresch

6/20/97@Eaglerock Arts in Eaglerock, CA w/Klang

6/23/97@KXLU live on Justin Time’s show at Loyola MarymountUniversity in L.A., CA 

6/25/97@The Garage (Meow mix West) in Hollywood, CA w/Patsy

6/29/97@The Doll Hut in Anaheim, CA w/Decal

7/1/97@The Dragonfly in Hollywood, CA w/Auntie Christ, Stone Fox, & Sluts For HIre

7/24/97@Bar Deluxe in Hollywood, CA

8/3/97@El Cid in Silver Lake, CA 

8/5/97@Martini Lounge in Hollywood, CA

8/22/97@Public Storage in LA, CA w/The Excrements,Hot Waffles, The Chicken Heads, & Bettie Rage

8/23/97@Bub’s Whiskey Dive in Oceanside, CA w/Ballgagger, He’s Dead Jim, & Naked Lunch

9/26/97@Bar Deluxe in Hollywood, CA w/Chemical People, Shoegazer, Nip Drivers, 5th Story Tenants, & Pissant 

9/27/97@3rd Street Promenade in Santa Monica, CA w/Steve Cruise Band, Strange Fruit, Phil Coty, & The Watts Prophets 

9/27/97@Bub’s Whiskey Dive in Oceanside, CA w/Sluts for Hire, White Trash Debutantes, and Naked Lunch

10/3/97@Jerry’s Pizza in Bakersfield, CA w/Nacho Mama, and the Brass Rail

10/11/97@Spaceland in Silver Lake, CA w/Bimbo Toolshed, 5th Story Tenants, The Chickenheads, & Bo Bud Greene

10/17/97@The Covered Wagon in San Francisco, CA w/Bar Feeders & Strychnine

10/18/97 @17th and Capp San Francisco Warehouse in San Francisco, CA w/Bimbo Toolshed

10/24/97@Al’s Bar in Downtown LA,CA w/Lolita #18, Longstocking, The Fells, Uberhhund and Fluckstar & Bucker

10/25/97@Club Mesa in Costa Mesa, California w/Sorry Charlie

11/1/97@Open Bar Ranch Halloween party in Hollywood, CA w/Tongue and Rosemary’s Billygoat

11/14/97@Club Mesa in Costa Mesa, CA w/E, Centro, Welt, and Tripwire

1/22/93 @Rajis in Hollywood, CA w/Wool, Hydrafist,Lure and Billy Jayne

1/31/93@Coconut Teaszer in Hollywood, CA w/Final Conflict, Twister Naked,Guttermouth, & Spoon

2/2/93@The Roxy in Hollywood, CA w/Chalk Circle 

2/19/93 Al’s Bar in Downtown L.A., CA w/The Flesheaters, Head, and Bruce Craven

2/22/93@ Continental Cablevision Tequila show channel #37 in L.A.,CA

3/13/93@ The Jabberjaw in L.A., CA w/Holywater, Harmful if Swallowed

3/28//93@The Roxy in Hollywood, CA (Brandon Cruz guest vox) w/Agent Orange, Alice Donut, Twist Offs and Capitol Radio

3/29/93 @KXLU w/Justin Time for Rock the Nation KXLU Airwaves @Loyola Marymount University in L.A.,CA 

4/2/93 @Rock for Choice Benefit in Pomona, CA w/ Holywater, Extra Fancy, Wheel, and spoken word by Pleasant Gehman, and Liz Belile

4/3/93 @Big Bear ski lodge

4/15/93 @Al’s Bar in L.A., CA w/The Obsessed and Weed

4/18/93 @ Macondo in L.A., CA w/Down By Law and Holy Water

4/29/93 @Club Lingerie in Hollywood, CA w/Sandy Duncan’s Eye and Failure

4/30/93 @Rajis in Hollywood, CA w/Borax, and Death and Taxes

5/17/93@Rajis in Hollywood, CA w/Horace Pinker, Flop and Bean

6/7/93@The Jabberjaw in L.A., CA w/7 Year Bitch

6/25/93 @Rajis in Hollywood, CA

7/3/93 Al’s Bar in Downtown L.A., CA 

7/30/93@Rajis in Hollywood ,CA w/Honk if yer Horny, Cockfight, and Horace Pinker

8/2/93@Amalgamated in Northridge, CA w/ Horace Pinker and Policy of 3

8/15/93@Hong Kong Cafe in Downtown L.A., CA for the Blackout LA Record Release Party

8/20/93@Cavanaughs in SFV, CA w/Bed of Eyes and The Mugwumps

9/17/93@Al’s Bar in Downtown L.A., CA w/Backbiter, Borax and Quiver

9/19/93 @ Raji’s in Hollywood, CA w/Spunk for Dave Travis’ party

9/20/93 @ w/Twister Naked and Down By Law?

10/12/93@Coconut Teaszer in Hollywood, CA Benefit for Mistress Barb

10/15/93@Discafe in San Diego, CA w/Joyride and Whack

10/23/93@The Spirit Club in San Diego, CA w/Duchess DeSade, Meatwagon,Naked Jumpies, and Altertime 

11/11/93@ Toes Tavern in Pasadena, CA w/Kryptonite NIxon and Bed Of Eyes

11/26/93@The Whitehorse Inn in Hollywood, CA w/The Humpers, Butt Trumpet, and Dizbuster

12/4/93@the Park View Plaza in L.A., CA for an Art Press Benefit

12/23/93@The Blue Saloon, L.A., CA w/Anus the Menace,Twister Naked and Shoeface

12/31/93 @Rajis in Hollywood, CA w/The Muffs, Sluts For Hire and the Southbay Surfers

1/13/94@Eagles Pub in North Hollywood, CA w/Borax and Stanford Prison Experiment

1/21/94@Stagg St. Studio in Van Nuys, CA w/The Lazy Cowgirls, Skull Control, and the Getbacks

2/8/94 @The Whiskey in Hollywood, CA for Bill Bixby Benefit w/Youth Brigade, Harmful if Swallowed, Ska Daddies, Bottom 12, and Horney Toad

2/13/94@The Electric Circus in Anaheim, CA w/SNFU and The TVTV$

2/16/94@Al’s Bar in Downtown L.A., CA w/SNFU, The Humpers 

2/19/94 @The Spirit Club in San Diego, CA w/Duchess Desade

2/27//94@Coconut Teaszer in Hollywood, CA w/Duchess Desade, Snap her, and Human Waste

2/28/94@ a party in L.A., CA w/John Doe and Mike Martt

3/10/94@Toes Tavern in Pasadena, CA w/Spoon

4/8/94@Al’s Bar in Downtown L.A., CA w/The /TVTV$, Sluts For Hire, Joyride, & The Euge

4/23/94@CSO Hall in East L.A., CA Antonio Villaraigosa Benefit w/Babyland, Stanford Prison Experiment, Perception Dementia, Human Waste Project, and Fleshworld

5/3/94@The Whiskey in Hollywood, CA w/Cows, Chokebore and Red Aunts

5/20/94@Our House in Costa Mesa, CA w/Wool and Smile

5/31/94@Bob’s Frolic III in Hollywood, CA w/Bottom 12

6/12/94@Eagles Pub in North Hollywood, CA for Spazz Benefit w/Lava Diva, and Charles Brown Superstar

7/1/94@Al’s Bar in Downtown L.A., CA w/The Imperial Buttwizards

7/14/94 @Toes Tavern in Pasadena, CA w/The Punk Rock Vatos, and Jeff Dahl

8/17/94@The Gaslight in Hollywood, CA w/Borax

8/23/94 @Hong Kong Cafe in Downtown L.A. CA w/Final Conflict,Litmus Green and YAPO

8/26/94@Hell’s Gate in Hollywood, CA 

9/8/94@Toes Tavern in Pasadena, CA w/Sylvia Juncosa and Deadening Board, 

9/24/94@Bob’s Frolic III in Hollywood, CA w/Black Angels Death Song, Sluts for Hire and Dirt Clod Fight

9/25/94@Jack’s Sugar Shack in Hollywood, CA w/Pleasant Gehman

10/4/94@The Alligator Lounge/KXLU Demolisten Night in Santa Monica, CA w/Maria Silver, Liquor Cabinet

10/8/94@Al’s Bar in Downtown L.A., CA w/Control Freak, The Chinchillas, and the Neptunas

3/9/00@The Fold in Silver Lake, CA w/Ukefink and Shotgun of Khando

3/28/00@The Garage in Hollywood, CA w/The Vice Principals & Dead Man’s Choir

4/5/00@The Fold in Silver Lake, CA w/Crack, Les Beaux Peeps & Project K

4/21/00@Al’s Bar in Downtown L.A., CA w/Dr. Know, The Urinals &The Metermaids

4/27/00@Al’s Bar for the Delicatessen Festival in Downtown L.A., CA w/The Von Steins, Space Twins, Pop Defect, Eagle, Otto, Jen Beast and the Birds, and Bratty and Jackass

5/5/00@Friar Tucks in Pomona, CA w/The Poorhouse, Circuit, ARM, and State React

7/4/00@Al’s Bar in Downtown LA, CA w/400 Blows and the Gearstrippers

8/27/00@The Troubadour in Hollywood, CA w/Blindsided, Bad Samaritans, Union 13, Six Degrees of Right, & I Decline

9/1/00@The Covered Wagon in San Francisco, CA w/The Blackouts

9/1/00@The Tempest in San Francisco, CA w/Moss

9/2/00@Kimo’s in San Francisco, CA w/The Barfeeders, The Clinics, Hippies in Flames,& The East Bay Chasers

12/3/00@Destroy All Music Record Store on Melrose in Hollywood, CA w/Dr. Know, & Devil Food

1/3/01@50 Bucks Gallery in Downtown L.A., CA w/The Drip

4/13/01@Spaceland in Silver Lake, CA w/Crack, Betty Blowtorch, and The Fuse

10/4/01@The Fold/Silverlake Lounge in Silver Lake, CA w/The Von Steins

10/6/01@Bub’s Whiskey Dive in Oceanside,CA w/Naked Lunch, Thee Von Lummox, and The CBGB’s

9/27/02@C.I.A. in North Hollywood, CA w/Joe and the Chicken Heads, Butterfly Distractions, and Urolojolly

11/29/02@The Gauntlet (Club Trouble) in Silver Lake, CA w/The Confused

2/7/03@The Smell in Downtown L.A., CA w/Approximation, Dos, & the Rolling Blackouts

5/23/03@The Scene in Glendale, CA (pajama party) w/Speedbuggy & Hollywood Hate

7/13/03@Liquid Kitty for the Punk Rock BBQ in WLA, CA w/Jack Brewer, Chuck Dukowski Sextet, Fish Camp, and the Amadans

7/25/03@Juvee in Silver Lake,CA w/Bobot Adrenaline & Go Betty Go


8/27/04@Fitzgerald’s in Huntington Beach, CA 

8/28/04@The Anarchy Library in Downey, CA 

9/16/04@The Galaxy Theatre w/The Lurkers, and Mad Parade

11/20/04@The Knitting Factory in Hollywood, CA w/No Fraud, Rebel Society, & Apocalypse Wow

2/26/05 @The Anarchy Library in Downey, CA 

4/30/05 @The Rock-it in Hawthorne, CA 

5/7/05 @The Malibu Inn in Malibu, CA w/D.I., and P.K.G.

5/27/05 @The Anarchy Library in Downey, CA with Anti Social, The Hippies

5/14/05 @The Rockit in Hawthorne, CA w/P.K.G., Glue Factory, and Peg Leg

8/14/05 @Liquid Kitty for the Punk Rock BBQ WLA, CA 

9/16/05 @The Doll Hut in Anaheim, CA 

10/14/05 @The Scene in Glendale, CA

10/28/05 @The Anarchy Library in Downey, CA w/Bulimia Banquet, The Jack Brewer Band, and the Radioactive Chickenheads

11/3/05 @The Scene w/400 Blows, and The Bar Feeders

11/4/05 @La Zona Rosa (Dancing Waters) in San Pedro, CA for Channel Street Skatepark Benefit Show w/Toys That Kill, 400 Blows, Mike Watt and the Secondmen, Rolling Blackouts 

8/13/06@Liquid Kitty (Punk Rock BBQ) WLA, CA w/The Raw Power Rangers, Lawndale, and Saccharine Trust

2/7/04@Copro Nason Gallery party in Venice, CA 

3/5/04@La Luz de Jesus gallery in Los Feliz, CA 

3/14/04@Zen Sushi in Los Feliz, CA  

3/20/04@The Jackalope in Austin, TX (For South by Southwest)

6/18/04@The Key Club in Hollywood, CA w/The Blasters

9/20/04@The Knitting Factory in Hollywood, CA 


8/4/94@Club Utero in Silver Lake, CA

9/12/91 @Millie’s Cafe in Silver Lake, CA

10/16/91 @The Shamrock in Hollywood,CA w/Dicktit, Black Angel’s Death Song &The Enemies

10/24/92@Highland Grounds (Guatemalan benefit) in Hollywood, CA w/Ringling Sisters, Sid Griffin’s, Coal Porters, & The Basketweavers. 

11/18/92@The Atlas Restaurant in Hollywood, CA (For Jack Lorenz’s birthday)

5/15/93@ Highland Grounds in Hollywood, CA 

5/29/93@ Royal Oaks Ranch in 3 points CA for the Cowboy Cookout

12/8/96@Hollywood Book and Poster in Hollywood, CA w/Sluts for Hire


8/9/96@The Showcase Theatre/Needles and Pins Festival in Corona, CA w/FYP, The Crumbs,Hickey Berserk, &Sic teens

8/29/96@Hell’s Gate in Hollywood, CA w/Shoegazer, Bob, Wingnut Supreme, & Sounder

11/9/96@Jay’s Party in Los Angeles, CA 

12/8/96@Hollywood Moguls in Hollywood, CA 

12/8/96@ Club Sucker/The Garage in Hollywood, CA w/Bimbo Toolshed and Ballgagger

12/20/97@Toes Tavern in Long Beach, CA w/Klang

@ Tsunami coffee house in Silver Lake, CA 

1/18/97@The Impala in Downtown L.A., CA w/Dallas Don(Lutefisk), Ukefink acoustic, Steve Moramarco (ALS), Roxy(Old Hickory), Carla (Carla y Martha), Eva (Ms 45),Kevin (Retriever), Power Struggle (Sukia), Jim Boyle, Karen Reitzel, and Joy Ray (Sissy Bar acoustic)  

4/5/97 @Glaxa Studios Strip Festival in Silver lake, CA w/Possum Dixon, Clawhammer, Thelonious Monster, Whiskey Biscuit, Lifter, Pop Defect, & Yesterday’s Ice Cube

5/13/97@Spaceland Broken Mic night in Silver lake, CA w/Brian Grillo, OMar, and Dave from Touch Candy

8/3/97@The Opium Den in Los Angeles, CA w/The John Doe thing

9/1/97@The Foothill in Long Beach, CA Songshop workshop w/Mike Martt and John Doe

12/28/97@The Garage in Los Angeles, CA

4/21/98@The El Rey Theatre in Hollywood, CA Jula and Eddie Munoz duet plus Mike Watt & The Black Gang, Kitten Sparkles, Radio Ranch Straight Shooters, Chicka Chicka, Ed Ruscha, and the Michael Whitmore Ensemble 

5/8/98@Moguls in Hollywood, CA -Acoustic show of Jula, Eddie Muñoz, and Jordan Shapiro w/Sexy Death Soda & Aife Wells

8/8/98 @The Clipper (The Juke Joint) in Long Beach, CA w/All Day, One Beat Off, & X-it

1/24/99 @Al’s Bar in Downtown L.A., CA w/Tribe 8 and F.C.P. 

2/24/99@Spaceland in Silver Lake, CA w/Fastball, The Barfeeders, & The Fells 

5/10/99 IN L.A.,CA w/Miss Spiritual Tramp, Tongue,and Les Beaux Peeps

7/18/99@McCabe’s Concert in the Park (Palisades Park) in L.A., CA Acoustic show W/Eddie Munoz

7/24/99@The Hermosa Saloon in Hermosa Beach, CA w/Midget Handjob

3/9/02@The Garage (Club Sucker) for Ames’ Benefit in L.A, CA 

2/26/92@ The Onyx in Silver Lake, CA (Spoken word)

5/6/92@ UCLA in Westwood, CA for Jack Brewer poems (Spoken word)

9/18/92 @Big and Tall in Hollywood, CA (Spoken word) for Cause/Rock for Choice

9/28/92@ Cafe Largo in Hollywood, CA (Spoken Word)

10/11/92@Bogarts in Long Beach, CA (Spoken Word) for Cause/Rock for Choice

10/29/92@Rajis in Hollywood, CA (Spoken Word)

6/27/93@Babacool (Spoken Word)

10/15/93@Wikiup Cafe in San Diego, CA (Spoken Word) w/ Pleasant Gehman, Iris Berry, Deborah Patino, Weba Garretson, Liz Belile for the San Diego Independent Music Seminar 

4/17/94@Young Moguls in Hollywood, CA w/Tequila Mockingbird, Steve Bean, WACO, and Leather Hyman

6/15/94@8210 Sunset Blvd. LA, CA for Poke ‘n’ Word A Night of Oral Sex (Spoken word for HIV positive women)

7/31/94@8689 Wilshire Blvd. Acoustic music and spoken word w/Nicole Panter, Mike Martt, and the Ringling Sisters


‘99 @The Foothill in Long Beach, CA w/Jonathan Richman

6/7/99@Club Sucker (The Garage) in Hollywood, CA w/The Barfeeders, Shoegazer